Ring the Peak

A seven-mile gap in the Ring the Peak Trail

Location: Pikes Peak Region

Client: T.O.S.C., F.O.T.P. and City Of Colorado Springs

A seven-mile gap in the Ring the Peak Trail necessitated a planning process to close the physical gap, engage communities and stakeholders and provide a roadmap for the long-term operational plan of the Trail. N.E.S. Inc. led the diverse team of specialists through public outreach, inventory and analysis, addressing trail alignment opportunities and constraints, and recommending long term maintenance and sustainability of the Trail. The Ring the Peak Master Plan is the culmination of over two years of public, stakeholder and personal meetings designed to arrive at consensus on completing the iconic Ring the Peak Trail. The Plan is intended to serve as a long-term guiding document for trail advocates, government organizations, land managers, non-profit organizations and volunteers to close the southwest gap in the Ring and identify goals for the overall Ring. The Plan establishes the preferred trail corridor to close the southwest gap in the Ring. The Plan is also intended as a resource document and guide for land management agencies that reflects common interests and goals for the Ring the Peak Trail.

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