NES Interns On the Scene


NES welcomes Braya Bradger (left) and Shahrzad Bazyari (right) to serve as full time interns through August 2024! Braya and Shahrzad are both participants in the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and EDC “Hello Colorado Springs” program. As participants in the program, students are housed in the dorms of Colorado College, which makes for a convenient commute to NES four blocks away.

Braya will begin her fifth year at Ball Sate University, Muncie Indiana next fall where she will graduate with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Shahrzad will finish her third year masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Ball State University next year as well.  This is the first time both Braya and Shahrzad have been to Colorado!

To get to know Braya and Shahrzad, we asked them a few questions below:

What have been your favorite things so far living in Colorado Springs?

Braya: People (nice and friendly), Location (nature and city), Thoughtfulness of city design
Shahrzad: Nature, People (nice and friendly), Proximity to other cities (Denver, Boulder, etc.), Also love Pike Ride, Scooters, and Zeb!

What do you want to make sure to do while you are living in Colorado this summer?

Braya: Denver Botanical Gardens, Go to top of Peaks Peak, Great Sand Dunes
Shahrzad: Meow Wolf, Olympic Museum, Denver Botanical Gardens

What attracted you to NES?

Braya: I liked how NES values the balance of work life and social connections. I like how coworkers are also friends! I also really liked how NES works on a variety of types of projects.
Shahrzad: I found NES by accident on the ASLA website! But when I looked at the website, I liked how NES works on a large variety of types of projects also. Chris (Lieber) was also very professional and friendly!

What do you want to make sure to do while working at NES this summer?

Braya: I want to be able to network with clients, meet people in municipalities, really get experience on the people side of landscape architecture work.
Shahrzad: I would like to be involved with a project from the ground up-when it first begins to when it ends.

What is your favorite type of LA work?

Braya: Multifamily lot layouts and landscape plans
Shahrzad: Multifamily lot layouts

What is your favorite software program?

Braya: Autocad
Shahrzad: Lumion

What is your favorite snack (we like to eat lots of snacks at NES)?

Braya: Trail mix- I love the variety, and you can pick and choose and change it up
Shahrzad: Chocolate ice cream

What do you want to do (when you grow up)?

Braya: I’m doing internships to find that out! But one day I would like to get my masters and teach LA.
Shahrzad: I will be studying for my LA license!

Welcome to the team Braya and Shahrzad!